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Terms & Conditions of Summit Wash Pros

Updated on November 30th, 2023.

At Summit Wash Pros, I work hard to provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed services. At the same time, I want to set customers’ expectations right. Exterior cleaning is like any other cleaning, such as a car wash, cloth wash, dish wash, hand wash, etc. Depending on different conditions, the actual results may vary.

By choosing and accepting our service via written approval in any form, or a signed and accepted estimate agreement on any platform, you are deemed to have read and fully accepted the following agreement outlined on this page and in your estimate.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Your Appointment Might be Canceled or Rescheduled. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, or new events that may arise, your appointment may be moved to the next available business day or at a later / earlier time the same day. Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate a quick reschedule but have to work around other scheduled clients and the weather. If rescheduling is due to a lack of compliance from the client, such as

  • failure to remove an abundance of items from the cleaning area preventing cleaning.
  • customer is not going to be on site after cleaning to provide payment.
  • failure to submit prepayment.
  • unable to access due to blocking worksite with vehicles or objects.
  • other limiting factors.

Summit Wash Pros will reschedule the cleaning until those conditions have been met.

Residential – On the Day of the Service, please:

1. Have a water spigot turned on, accessible, and ready to use with personal hoses removed. We will park our vehicle and trailer on the street in front of your home and utilize the closest spigot.

2. Please ensure the street in front of the home is free of any vehicles, as a 35 ft truck/trailer will need to park curbside for service. We cannot offer service if we do not have enough room to park our vehicle. We do not park in driveways unless it is an abnormally long driveway. Photos of our truck and trailer is posted on the home page for size reference.

3. Have all windows and doors closed tightly, as we are not responsible if water enters the home due to an open window (a good practice is to have a cloth/towel handy for known leaky windows with bad seals known to you).

4. Please disclose any existing loose or broken areas to your knowledge around the home before service. We are not responsible if these pre-existing conditions worsen after service, but we will try our best to avoid those areas.

5. Please do not schedule ANY other professionals during our time of service. This includes lawn care, electricians, HVAC, roofers, repairmen, etc. If it is determined that the other parties are causing a delay or getting in our way of cleaning, we will inform you and reschedule.

6. Have all pets inside during the entire length of our service. Although we may have left the area for a short time, we leave ALL gates open and do constant walk arounds during the cleaning. We do not want your pets or us to get hurt.

7. Please remain inside, or a great distance from the area we are cleaning. Our soaps WILL stain your clothing, and you will be hit with overspray and become wet. We wear bleach-proof water-resistant clothes to avoid having our clothes stained. We are not responsible for repairs or replacement if you ignore these instructions and damage your clothing.

8. Clear any personal items around the home at least 3 ft away from the side of the home to provide a safe and effective environment for the cleaning (blocked areas might not get cleaned). We are capable of moving some items but not all. 

9. Please remove any furniture from patios, pool decks, and flat work areas to be cleaned. If you do not want to move or did not move it for service, we will move some small items but leave heavier larger items and clean around them. Areas under these larger items may not be cleaned and an additional service fee will be required if you want us to come back out to clean areas that were not cleaned due to items you were suppose to move.

10. Put away all sensitive items, especially those you don’t want to get wet, as we will be spraying soaps and water on the surfaces to be cleaned

11. For residential cleaning, if no one will be home during service, full payment before service is required with zero exceptions. We will not conduct service until we have received full payment. If failure to provide payment causes a long delay, we will reschedule to the next available business day/time, which could be days or weeks later, depending on our scheduled cleanings. Overdue invoices will incur interest fees described below under payment. Please read your estimates Terms & Conditions section for further payment information.

You may receive additional instructions on ensuring a smooth service via text or email. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Commercial – On the Day of the Service, please:

1. Have a water spigot water supply turned on, accessible, and ready to use. Summit Wash Pros will be using ON-SITE water. This includes any fixtures or nearby fire hydrants. Summit Wash Pros is not responsible for water usage, clogged drains, or any pre-existing conditions worsened due to lack of maintenance.

2. Please have the street or parking area near the work area clear and free of vehicles, as a 35 ft truck/trailer will need parking space and if we do not have enough room to park the vehicle, we cannot offer service. Photos of our truck and trailer is posted on the home page for size reference. If you are having a parking lot or parking garage cleaned, please ensure your customers or employees do not leave their vehicles in the lot. Please inform tenants, customers, or employees of the cleaning and inform them to move their vehicles during the scheduled cleaning.

3. Please disclose any existing loose or broken areas to your knowledge around the area before service. We are not responsible if lack of communication of these areas causes further degrading of the material.

4. Please inform the employees about our service to not cause any confusion. Some areas may be blocked off, and cones will be laid out during cleaning for the safety of all parties.

5. Clear the work areas around the building and remove items that will get in the way of cleaning such as cones, crates, machinery, etc. This is also to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the cleaning (blocked areas might not get cleaned).

7. Unless prior coordinated and agreed upon before cleaning begins, full payment will be expected to be paid either in person or mailed to our billing address immediately on the completion of service. Full Payment terms are written on your estimate. Overdue invoices will incur interest fees described below under payment. Please read the Terms & Conditions section for further payment information.

You may receive additional instructions on ensuring a smooth service via text or email. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Commercial Night Work Water Access:
For Commercial work done during closed hours, the external on-site water source must be turned and available for Summit Wash Pros use for work to be completed. Summit Wash Pros has the correct spigot keys to turn the water source on and off from the exterior when ready to use. If the water source is turned off from within the building due to negligence, and no representative is available to turn on the water source, Summit Wash Pros will be forced to reschedule work to the next available time for both parties. Due to this, a $50.00 fee labeled “Travel and Operations Fee” will be added to the final invoice to cover cost with no exceptions. If you cancel the cleaning due to rescheduling from a lack of a water source, a $149.00 fee will be billed to you, and the work will be canceled.

Roof Cleaning Expectation

Treating roofs to remove bacteria properly is a process. Your roof has been cleaned/treated professionally, and we want to prevent regrowth. Cleaning roofs are typically a 1/8th the cost of replacing a roof, while achieving a like new appearance for years to come. We only clean asphalt shingle and tile roofs.

We clean roofs from either the ground or gutter line on ladders. Depending on the roofs pitch and height, we may need to walk the roof to properly treat the roof. We utilize a roof-anchored OSHA-Approved harness if we walk the roof for our safety.
Our chemical, a fungicide, is applied to your roof. This kills the bacteria so they no longer degrade the limestone in your shingles or tile.
You may notice some white or yellow debris on your roof post-cleaning. These spots are lichen and moss growths that are embedded into your shingles and have changed color due to treatment. Let nature take its course in the removal process so, there is no damage to your shingles in trying to forcefully remove them. Lichens and Moss have a root system embedded in the roof material. This root system is broken down during treatment and should be gone with 3-6 months after cleaning. We may come back and do a second treatment if Summit Wash Pros deem it necessary. We also may rinse the roof with low pressure to thoroughly remove dense areas of stubborn growth to better the initial appearance.
Black streaks will either disappear immediately or turn brown. If the color is brown after service, it should be completely gone in 1-10 days. If not, we will return for a second treatment free of charge.
We may bag your gutters to collect water and product runoff depending on your gutter situation. This is to protect the landscape.
We will water your plants around the edges of the roof line before, during, and after service.
Remember, a short-term commitment for a long-term change. Summit Wash Pros is here to Protect Your Investment.
We can also treat rust staining on roofs for an additional cost.

House Washing / HOA Cleaning / Apartment / Duplex cleaning Expectations.

Soft Washing removes about 95%-100% of all dirt and organic buildups on your home. It includes all the surfaces defined in your estimate. It does not remove plants (e.g., vines/roots) or artillery fungus growing on the home. We cannot remove these as it requires sanding, sandblasting, painting, or siding replacement, which we do not do. Our house wash does not remove non-organic stains such as paint, pen markings, wood stain, pollution, rust, calcium deposits, oxidation on gutters (black lines), and oil. We may or may not be able to remove these stains (dependent on the condition), and additional add-ons would be an additional cost if we were able to clean these non-organic stains. You must choose to have these non-organic stains removed to receive that specific service and, additional pricing will be discussed, added to the estimate, and signed prior to work being completed.
We can only wash your house from the outside. Due to many reasons, such as lack of regular maintenance or previous pressure washing by a non -professional, some dirt may have traveled into your exterior building materials through small openings called weep holes or breathing holes on the soffits. After our house washing services, it is possible to see some dirty water dripping off from those holes that tend to leave brown marks or streaks on the surfaces below. We will do our best to eliminate these but after service, dripping out these weep holes is still possible. We do charge additional for these kinds of callbacks once we have left the work site. But no worries, nature will take care of these as rainfall will wash them away.
Please understand that vinyl sidings, metal soffits, gutters, window trims, and any other painted surfaces that are old or have not been well maintained might be subject to oxidation, peeling, or chipping. Our regular house wash can sometimes remove oxidation, chipping, or peeling if the material is already in the said condition. We are not held responsible if these spots appear more noticeable after cleaning. We will inform the homeowner the oxidation or other prior wear is present before washing and gain approval. We suggest replacing/repairing the material down the road as this cannot be fixed from cleaning.
Our house washing service includes basic window rinsing with no additional cost. However, we do not squeegee/detail the windows or purify the water we use to wash your house. Thus depending on your water hardness (amount minerals in your water) from your water spigot, you may have some water spots after the water has evaporated. This is completely out of our control. We suggest having a window cleaner come out post service for perfectly spotless windows, which we can refer.
We do not use high pressure on your home, so we won’t strip off any correctly applied solid paint on your house. Dependent on bad paint conditions such as chipping, fading, degrading or peeling, some old and loose paint might come off with regular low-pressure house washing. If you have siding material loose and falling off the home, we are not responsible if it detaches due to lack if integrity and maintenance prior to our visit. If you plan to paint your house after the house washing, please understand that you house might not be perfectly ready for painting after our house washing service. A professional painter may do additional washing to prepare the home after the house washing which is common and recommended.

Summit Wash Pros will remove a few items around the area if needed. Summit Wash Pros is not responsible for any damages that may occur during the moving of items if the customer fails to do so and is necessary for the cleaning. We are not responsible for putting items back in their exact location. We will only move items that are required to be moved so service can be completed.

Concrete Cleaning Expectation

Concrete Washing service removes most of the dirt and organic buildup on the surface. It does not fully remove non-organic stains such as paint, rust, bronze staining, calcium, and oil. We may be able to handle complicated situations like these at an additional cost.
Wood stain drippings on concrete are permanent and cannot be removed. 100% of paint removal on concrete is not guaranteed as most paints are made with different chemicals, some permanent.
Please note that rust removal cannot be spot treated as it creates a bright spot. We must clean from concrete joint to concrete joint for a uniform appearance. We use top of the line restoration chemicals for this process; therefore, Rust restoration service can be pricy. The results from rust removal will be a bright colored concrete, similar to new pour concrete but not exact. Results vary.
Summit Wash Pros uses hot and cold water pressurized to 2,500 PSI to surface clean the concrete. Concrete must be at least 1 year old to use this method of cleaning. If concrete is less than 1 year old and is more than 1 month old, we will utilize special concrete cleaning chemicals to safely clean the surface utilizing our soft wash methods, then rinse with less than 1,000 PSI. If concrete is less than 1 month old, we will not clean the surface until it is fully cured as concrete takes 28 days to fully harden. Summit Wash Pros is not responsible if false information provided by the customer about the age of the concrete results in the concrete cream being removed, potentially leaving a patchy finish or lines in the concrete.
Pool decks are considered the area and material immediately surrounding the pool and does not include any concrete or flat work material that is connected or adjacent to the pool decking. This includes concrete patios under building overhangs/decking, Accessory stairs leading to another location, and statues/columns on the pool deck. These adjacent flat work areas can be quoted separately. Only the areas specified in the outline under the pool deck cleaning and or in the highlighted areas on the attached photos are part of the pool deck cleaning.

We are not landscapers. We will naturally remove some plants growing in the cracks during cleaning but if there is an abundance of growth or buildup of yard soil built up requiring shoveling, we will not remove it.

We work closely with local pro’s that can seal your concrete after service. Please ask if you would like a quote.

Please ensure the entire concrete area to be cleaned is free of vehicles and personal items. Summit Wash Pros is not responsible for any damages that may occur while moving items and we are not responsible for  returning them to their exact location. We will only move items that are required to be moved so service can be completed.

Wood Restoration Expectation

Our wood restoration is a 2-step process. The first step includes deep cleaning the wood fibers to remove gray coloring, moss, lichen, algae, and mold. The second step includes brightening the wood and balancing the wood PH back to normal. Once dry, we highly recommend sealing/staining the wood to keep it clean and beautifully colored for many years to come. We do not stain, seal, or paint at Summit Wash Pros but work closely with local pros who do. We also do not strip paint, stain, sealant, or applied oils on the wood we clean. However, some of these products might be removed during the cleaning process. We mainly do bare wood cleaning, and depending on the condition of your deck, we may decline service due to the stain/paint condition. We cannot remove any marking damage made from the homeowner due to improper washing / high pressure prior to our service. We will try our best to blend your markings with our cleaning but we cannot guarantee this. We want to ensure a 100% satisfaction and will not offer our services if we know the finish will not meet that. After cleaning, the surface is dirt, dust, mold, and algae free. The surfaced is also degreased and is fully prepped for another coat of stain or paint. We are not responsible if the wood, due to the environment and improper care/protection, returns back to a gray dull color after a long duration of time. This is a natural cycle of wood that has not been sealed or protected and is exposed to the outdoor elements.

Composite and Trex Decks are cleaned utilizing our custom detergents made to breakdown dirt and kill algae, mold, lichen, and mildew. We use 1,500 psi of pressure to lightly remove the broken-down growth. Once cleaned, these types of decks may appear brighter in color. Unless specifically specified in your quote, deck cleanings do not include cleaning the supporting beams or the material underneath on the bottom side of the deck. This is an extra charge if you would like to add this to your service post-acceptance.

Oil and Rust Removal Expectation

Concrete is porous. Once oil soaks into the concrete, it is extremely difficult to remove 100%. Our degreaser and oil stain remover products are able to remove or lighten the majority of the stain and this is not guaranteed. In most instances, there will be a ‘shadow’ left as oil can travel over an inch deep into the surface. We have some cover products that can further hide the stain for an additional cost.
Rust and fertilizer stain on the surface of a home cannot be removed with our house wash but can be removed in a separate process for an additional cost. Based on the size of the rust stain, we will utilize our special rust remover mix and remove or greatly improve the rust stain. The surface under the stain may be lighter in color after treatment.
Orange stains on concrete can be either rust, battery acid, or fertilizer stain. After cleaning, the concrete will brighten in color and we will do our best to blend the brighter concrete with the darker concrete but there is no guarantee that it will be a smooth transition. White battery acid stains are permanent. However, if we do not neutralize this stain, it will continue to spread and grow larger in size. We HIGHLY recommend you allow us to neutralize the stain.
Please note that rust removal cannot be spot treated. We must clean from concrete joint to concrete joint for a uniform appearance. We use top of the line restoration chemicals for this process; therefore, Rust restoration service can be pricy. The results from rust removal will be a very bright colored concrete, similar to new pour concrete but not exact. Results vary.

Credit Earned from Referrals

Your credit for each referral can only be applied to our house wash service. You must have received a house wash on your home by Summit Wash Pros in order to join the program as we lock in your price and must know that price. The credit earned is $20 for each referral and you will only gain this credit once payment is received from the person who referred your name which must be done prior to us servicing their home. They can only refer one name not multiple. Credits expire 2 years after they have been given. To earn your credit, please have the person you referred email us with their name and you as a referee so we can apply your credit to your account. You can redeem your partial or full credit balance at any time to be applied towards your house wash before the expiration date of 2 years, just ask!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us after six and within seven months of completion of our roof cleaning service, or within three days of completion of any other services. We will evaluate the situation and if certain requirements such as missing dirt and filth covered areas are met, we will provide a free rework. If after the rework, you are still not satisfied, we will, under our terms and conditions, give your money back, given that you hired another pressure washing contractor, within one month of completion of our rework, to redo the same work and send us photo proof that the other contractor did a substantially better job. No refunds are given if we have completed the work outlined in our agreement and it has followed the terms and conditions found on this page.

Content Release

Unless other agreement has been formally signed, Summit Wash Pros reserves the right to use any photos and videos taken on or around your property, solely for marketing purposes. The reviews you write on any of our business pages, including but not limited to Google, Facebook, Thumbtack, Neighborhood App, and Yelp may also be used. We will not include any sensitive information such as addresses or last names in full. You will not ask for any kind of compensation for these content usages.

Contact Information Release

By providing your contact information to us, you authorize Summit Wash Pros contact you through text or email with marketing and promotion contents. We do NOT share your personal information with any one and is used for official business only.

Minimum Service Charge

Summit Wash Pros has a minimum service charge of $249.00 unless a special is running. This is to cover operation costs for each job. If your estimate has multiple services and you select a service or multiple services that in total are lower than $249.00, the  service cost will be $249.00. We will notify you of this and submit a new estimate for signature with the updated minimum service pricing.

Risk of Damage

We are well trained and very responsible in the cleaning process to make sure not to cause any damage to your property. Before, during, and after service, we will inspect your home and let you know if we find anything worth extra attention. If we do, we won’t continue with the actual service before your oral confirmation. We also recommend you fully inspect your home yourself before and after our service.

If Damage Occurs

If you find any damage that you believe was caused by us and that surface was not previously damaged or improperly installed, please formally report it to us with email (Dustin@SWPKC.com) within three days of completion of our service. We will do a full evaluation and, within 30 days, if the damage was indeed caused by us, we will repair or contract repair/replacement of any damage caused by our misconduct. If the customer decides to have a contractor come out on their own, we will not pay for any inspection fees or any other fees from the contractor not initially hired by Summit Wash Pros. For the customer-hired contractor, Summit Wash Pros will only pay for the labor to directly replace/repair the item and the material used at time of the direct repair/replacement. Please send the contractors invoice to our email at Dustin@SWPKC.com and we will mail a check to you to cover those costs.

By accepting our service, you accept that Summit Wash Pros is not accountable or held responsible for the following if it may occur:

  1. We are not responsible if, due to bad seals on bad outlets, water penetration occurs, causing the failure of the outlet. This applies to any electrically powered item around the work area.
  2. We are not responsible if extended damage occurs to already damaged or degrading materials whose condition was not addressed in writing before cleaning.
  3. We are not responsible for replacing plants after cleaning if spots occur on the plants. Normally if the leaves have spots after cleaning, the plant itself is recoverable and will recover over the course of a season / next season with new foliage. We will replace any plants that are deemed to have completely decayed, determined by Summit Wash Pros that its due to a result of the cleaning. We will replace the plant with a new seedling plant of the same species only.
  4. We are not responsible if pets or animals run out and away from your home. We leave all fences and gates open during cleaning and close them after we finish cleaning.
  5. We are not responsible if anyone or anything tampers with our equipment causing damage. This includes you driving over and blowing our hoses, crudely disconnecting our hoses, or anything resulting in damage on you or your property occurring from any individuals not working under Summit Wash Pros interacting with our equipment.
  6. We are not responsible, if due to bad seals on your doors or windows, water enters your building and any result that occurs due to this.


Unless communicated in writing prior to cleaning, Full payment is due immediately upon completion of work.
If you make a partial payment, we will notify you via text or email that we received a partial payment, and the remaining balance is due immediately.

We take  failure to pay or late payments seriously unless both parties have agreed to another payment agreement in writing via email, text, or clearly written on a signed estimate before work starts. The forms of payment we accept are written on your estimate under the Terms & Conditions section.

Residential – 

If you will NOT be at the property during the entire duration of service, FULL payment is due prior to us starting service which can be paid through the invoice emailed to you. You can also leave full payment at the home in a zip lock baggie where we can retrieve it. We will not start service until a confirmed payment has been received and if a long delay occurs waiting for payment, you will be rescheduled. If you have to leave during service and will not be back within the time service would be completed, you MUST pay the invoice amount prior to leaving the property as there is no guarantee of your return to the residence during completion of service. We will not wait for you to return as we are on a set schedule. If you leave during service unknown to us, without informing us, and we are unable to accept payment after service due to your absence, we will add an additional MIA charge of $100.00 for abandoning service and we will send you the invoice to be paid online due at midnight same day. If your home is more than 45 minutes travel time from our address listed on our website via apple or google maps, a $100 deposit will be required with no exceptions.

Commercial – Unless alternate payment terms such as Net 15 are prior coordinated in writing via email, text, or clearly written on a signed estimate, payment is due immediately upon completion of work

Failure to Pay for Commercial and Residential

If the customer fails to remit payment for the invoice within 30 days from the invoice date, Unless other payment terms have been prior coordinated via written means only, the customer agrees to pay a compounding interest penalty fee of 10% on the total amount due. This interest penalty will accrue for every 30-day period that the invoice remains overdue, starting from the original due date. Summit Wash Pros LLC reserves the right to pursue all available legal remedies to collect the overdue amount, including the assessment and collection of interest and any associated fees.

In the event that Summit Wash Pros LLC initiates litigation against a customer for non-payment of an invoice or breach of contract, the customer agrees to reimburse Summit Wash Pros LLC for all associated legal fees including, but not limited to, attorney fees and court filing fees. This obligation extends to all costs incurred by Summit Wash Pros LLC in pursuit to collect outstanding amounts or damages to Summit Wash Pros LLC resulting from the customer’s failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

Please do not fail to make payment on time in accordance with the terms and conditions found here and outlined on your estimate.

Agreement Updates

If we make any changes on this agreement, we will post the date of the updates on the top of this page.