Heavy Equipment Cleaning

We know what it takes and Summit Wash Pros LLC has a solution for all types of heavy equipment cleaning. Get the benefit of a cleaning expert with application experience for cleaning / degreasing your heavy equipment.

Since dirt, gravel and sand are part of your world, it’s important to clean equipment regularly. Not only because of company pride, but because you’re able to uncover problems such as fluid leaks before they take you down.

At Summit Wash Pros LLC, we understand how important it is to keep your equipment running, so we work around your schedule to make cleaning your on-site construction equipment easy and hassle free.

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Keeping heavy equipment clean is a vital key to long lasting machinery! Pressure Washing not only improves the physical appearance of the equipment but also the mechanical aspect as well! Your heavy equipment represents your name and is a large investment in your business!

Grease impregnated with sand and mud can cause unnecessary wear and tear on gears, engines, radiators and more. Lets avoid this with Summit Wash Pros.

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Summit Wash Pros only needs 3 things. Access to water, access to your Construction Equipment, and time! We are fast and thorough in ensuring we can maintain your rigs year round.
Summit Wash Pros uses only hot water pushed at a rate of 20 Gallons a minute to force dirt and rocks out of your tracks and melt built up grease away. We do use non-caustic degreasers if needed for tougher and oil heavy jobs. Your heavy equipment will run great with free flowing tracks and clean joints.
Summit Wash Pros uses the latest in washing technology and has the best equipment in the Kansas City Metro. Each Heavy Equipment takes roughly 10-20 minutes to clean, depending on the size.

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