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Not only will our Concrete Cleaning Service ensure your property is cleaned properly, but we’ll use safe methods to protect your property. These techniques can improve the performance of your concrete and give you a lasting, clean surface. Summit Wash Pros uses a soft-washing technique that doesn’t damage your property’s concrete surfaces. This technique will help you maintain the look of your property for years to come. In addition to removing dirt and grime, it will prevent cracks and pockmarks from occurring.

Concrete cleaning is essential for the health of your home and business. As a building material, it’s porous and easily absorbs dirt and moisture. These materials can even be dangerous and may erode your home’s structure.

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Concrete Cleaning Service

There are several compelling reasons why regular concrete cleaning is important for businesses and property owners.

First and foremost, clean concrete presents a professional and well-maintained image to customers and visitors. It shows that the business or property owner cares about the appearance of their property and is committed to providing a positive experience for their patrons.

Additionally, regular cleaning helps to remove debris, dirt, and oil stains that can cause damage to the asphalt or concrete surface of the concrete. This can ultimately lead to costly repairs and repaving, which can be avoided by maintaining clean concrete.

Moreover, concrete cleaning can also improve safety for customers and employees. Debris, leaves and trash on the concrete can create slippery and hazardous conditions, especially during wet weather. By removing these hazards, concrete cleaning can help to prevent accidents and injuries.

Regular cleaning can also help to maintain the value and longevity of the property. It can help to prevent erosion, cracking, and other damage that can be caused by debris and dirt buildup.

Lastly, our concrete cleaning service can also help to reduce the amount of water runoff and improve overall stormwater management. This can be crucial for businesses and property owners who are looking to comply with local regulations and reduce their environmental impact.

In summary, investing in regular concrete cleaning is a smart business decision that can help to improve the appearance, safety, and value of your property while also helping to comply with local regulations. It is a small price to pay for the numerous benefits it provides.

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Your concrete is important to your home and business. Its what gets customers or family members to your door. For new concrete, we recommend a softwash if over 1 month old but under 1 yearn old. We recommend a pressure wash if over 1 year old. We do not service concrete less than 1 month old as it is still curing. For businesses we recommend Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual cleanings. For homeowners we recommend Annual cleanings.
When concrete is freshly poured, contractors spray a curing agent on top to assist in curing. Once dry, this is what colors the concrete a bright white. Over time, this curing agent is suppose to fade to reveal the true color of the concrete, a shade of grey. After cleaning, your concrete’s curing agent may be present and be more noticeable after cleaning, if you have older concrete, you should expect a natural bright grey color.
Summit Wash Pros offers virtual quotes using satellite imaging to measure the total area of the concrete accurately down to the inch. We can also measure in person with a measuring wheel. If you need a cleaning with general organic growth and dirt, satellite measuring is the most efficient method. If you have rust or oil stains that require advanced chemical treatment, we will visit the home or business for a in person inspection. We can either visit or do virtual quoting for your convenience, it is up to you!

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