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Hello! I’m Scott, Proud owner of Summit Wash Pros LLC. The leading Pressure Washing Business in Jackson County, MO! With over 22 years of experience in Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services, we offer the highest quality clean for the best price.

As of January 2019, Summit Wash Pros was established to keep our community clean and our neighbors happy! As you know, the exterior of your home and/or business’s first line of defense against the elements. Naturally, the elements take a toll. Let’s Summit Wash Pros take care of your properties look year round. It deserves it!

Summit Wash Pros

Top Notch Pressure Washing

All in all, a common sign of natures effects on your exterior is the accumulation of mold, mildew, dirt, spider webs, lichen, moss, and other natural or unnatural growths. Instantly implementing preventive measures such as soft washing or pressure washing will not only increase your curb appeal, boosting the appearance and experience of your property, but prevent long-term damage. As you can see, we have the latest in technology, top of the line equipment, knowledge on efficient and safe cleaning techniques, and a plethora of experience in your local community. Lastly, we love bringing your property back to life.

What Makes us Different

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Our Belief

Truly, we firmly believe in helping you protect and maximize the value of your property that you have worked so hard for. At the same time, we are committed to helping you maintain your home and business by ensuring you have exteriors that look new and exceptionally well maintained. Here at Summit Wash Pros, we guarantee professionalism, the highest level of clean, and our reputation for exceptional customer service.

We Treat Your Property as Our Own

Pressure Washing Service For Your Kansas City Home and Business

spraying plants in aftercare

We Care About Your Landscape

You take great pride in your garden or surrounding landscape. Firstly, our Eco-Friendly cleaners are safe for your plants. Secondly, we also generously water your plants before, during, and after service to ensure they are hydrated and happy!

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Protecting Your Property

Your property is important. Firstly, we understand that your home may need more protection than others. Secondly, during our Pre-Inspection, we tape off anything that may need protecting such as: Electrical Boxes, Outlets, Satellite Dish Boxes, A/C, Power Units, Door Locks, Keyholes, Doorbells, Cameras etc.
No one wants water getting behind or inside these items. As shown above, we have you covered.

Pressure Washing

The Best Equipment for the Job

We have seen the want and need for pressure washing and soft washing services in the community. Without a doubt, every year I want to give all residents and businesses a 5 star clean every month, quarter, or year to come! To do so, Summit Wash Pros has invested in the greatest and latest equipment to tackle any tough mess or stain that you may have.

Similarly, i’ve invested in ongoing education, experience, and continuously network with over 10,000 highly trained and skilled professional exterior cleaners throughout the country. Furthermore, there is no doubt that we are knowledgeable in this Industry and guarantees the best, longest lasting clean.

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No One Beats Our Customer Service

This local business care about you. Importantly, your time is valuable and we treat your home as our own when it comes to our top notch level of clean. Here we aim to make your time with us positive, enjoyable, and overall pleasant. Guaranteed, you will have a hassle free experience from beginning to end. Additionally, every time we will show up motivated and ready to clean the exterior of your home or business.

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How It Works

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